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Hijab Meets Technology It’s more than just a Fashion

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem  Hijab meets technology it’s more than just a fashion. This is the tagline of VEIL hijab, a revolutionary hijab provider and the company launched the product very recently, proud to claim that they are the first ...




What Ramadan Is Not For

Today is the second day of Ramadan in most countries, while it is the first day in some. We are blessed to witness the beginning of this month and we are asking Allah to allow us to complete this month ...



RamadanThe Hijabi

The Hijabi Ramadhan Starter Pack

Bismillah! June 18, 2016 is the official start of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the most important month in our calendar–one day to go as I am writing this. The anticipation builds up. The excitement almost tips us over. We ...



Let's Eat OutMuslim YouthThe Hijabi

The Fasting Challenge

Last 2013, one of my college best friends, Sol, who is a Christian joined me for fasting for one day during Ramadhan. At first, I was skeptical about her joining me. As she would say, it was one of the items in ...



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Ramadan By Mango

With Ramadan less than two weeks away, Muslims are preparing themselves for this holy month. In addition to getting ready for fasting for long hours, embarking on a spiritual journey, Muslims also have a lot of get togethers for iftar, ...



Hijab TutorialsThe Hijabi

Simple and Chic Everyday Hijab Tutorials

    If you are tired of your usual everyday hijab style, then these tutorials that I have collected from Pinterest are for you that I picked out from a myriad of choices. These are easy to do, simple for ...




Are Your Cosmetics Halal? {Part 1}

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Assalamualaikum. Are you one of the people who just buy things without checking whether the item is halal or not especially in the cosmetics you put on your skin? Well, if you are, this is the high ...



Cooking 101

Cooking 101: A Blast of Color Salad

Today’s recipe is for health-conscious and color-loving hijabis and ladies out there. Surely this Radicchio, Peach and Cherry Summer Salad will make your day colorful and full of glee. I am not sure though if the ingredients are available within ...



Hijab FashionThe Hijabi

The New Rule: Ruling Out Long Skirts and Trousers

Back in the days, elders would scold a child for wearing short clothes. They would go mad when their children wear revealing apparels and teach them how civilized people should behave. Now, it seems as though elders are promoting otherwise. ...




Shari’ah in the Philippines

Ever wondered what law directs Muslims in the Philippines and to what point does it affect our everyday living? This post will give you a bird’s eye-view of the law that guides Muslim Filipinos – the Presidential Decree 1083. A Presidential ...