Editor’s Note

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Islam came to the Philippines long before Ferdinand Magellan came into the scene. Sheikh Makhdum brought Islam to the country through the trades among the settlers in the Southwestern Mindanao, Chinese, and Arabs. It is said that these traders did not force anybody into the religion. Rather, their attitude and etiquette invited the native settlers of Tawi-Tawi, specifically the settlers of Tubig Indangan, Simunul into accepting La Ilaha Illallah (There is no God except Allah). This spread into the many parts of Mindanao. It has been noted that Raja Solaiman of Manila is a Muslim too. We can, thus, say that the Filipinos have long ago known headscarf or hijab, as Muslims call it, as part of the Muslim attire.

Today, most people will be alarmed if they see a hijabi walking down the street due to the many circumstances that attacked the innocence and beauty of Islam. I personally experienced being looked at from head to toe, scrutinized by the security guards in the airports and malls, and called terrorists by kids. Getting hate comments and messages are just some of the things that hijabis hurdle because we are the face of Islam. Muslim men are not directly identified while the muslimahs are in the frontline because of our hijabs. This website is to give some viewpoints about the hijab and modest lifestyle. This is to remind us that it is not just the Tausugs, Maranaos, Maguindanaons, Yakans, Sama who are Muslim hijabis in the Philippines. Also, this endeavor is not just for Muslims alone. This is for all of us, who, despite being in the age of modernity, still prefer the modest lifestyle.

I want to tell you why I and many others wear the hijab and its essence in our lives. I want you to understand why this piece of cloth is just so important to us, as Muslims and as persons. This website is not about having you converted to Islam, if it does, thank Allah; rather, it is written to educate and create awareness among the Filipinos. It is done to further eradicate the misconceptions about modest lifestyle, the hijabi, and Islam.

Kai Darul



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