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TV Reporter Raiza Dapilin on Hijab and Empowerment

The first time I saw Raiza, I was walking towards our dinner table at the poolside restaurant in Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City. I literally was stopped on my tracks because I thought that I was seeing our very own ...



The Hijabi

A Hijabi’s Love Letter

La, Remember the first time we met? There was something in the air. I felt it. You felt it too. It was the soft wind of a faraway storm. It was looming in the distance, and we knew it was ...



RamadanThe Hijabi

The Hijabi Ramadhan Starter Pack

Bismillah! June 18, 2016 is the official start of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the most important month in our calendar–one day to go as I am writing this. The anticipation builds up. The excitement almost tips us over. We ...



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Simple and Chic Everyday Hijab Tutorials

    If you are tired of your usual everyday hijab style, then these tutorials that I have collected from Pinterest are for you that I picked out from a myriad of choices. These are easy to do, simple for ...



Hijab Fashion

Hijabi Fashion: A Controversy Among Muslim Women Themselves

Bismillah. In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Beneficent. Since the term Hijabi Fashion has boomed via the World Wide Web, opposition against it has caught up just as fast. Coming from an online magazine that forwards the Hijabi Fashion, let me give ...



Super MuslimahsThe Hijabi

A Day in the Life of 3 Hijabis

When non-Muslims see a hijabi on the street, walking with her head scarf and long garments covering her from head to toe, there must be a spark of curiosity that ignites within them. How does she spend her days? What ...




2 Must-Have Apps for Techie Hijabis

  Admit it, you too cannot live a day without being semi-permanently attached to your smartphone. Our days cannot start without checking notifications in our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter apps. We do not touch our food without taking first a ...



My Hijab Story

It Started from Doubt

I do not really know how others have come to embrace Islam, what their journey was like, and why they chose it. Perhaps some are simply born into a Muslim family and accepted Islam as the truth. Maybe some are ...