The Hijabi Ramadhan Starter Pack


June 18, 2016 is the official start of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the most important month in our calendar–one day to go as I am writing this. The anticipation builds up. The excitement almost tips us over. We feel it in the air that we can almost taste it, the sweetness of iman and the comfort of taqwa in contrast to the pain of hunger and thirst.

The question now is, are you ready?

Are you ready physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

There are so many articles all over the internet about getting ready, about diets, habits, menus, exercise, etc. that will make us more or less geared up for the month. But let me share you my own battle plan and battle gear this Ramadhan and I call it:


1. Planner


This is the core of your battle plan. Ramadhan is only for a month and probably you want to squeeze in as much amal as you can into your daily schedules. You may want to keep track of your Quran reading, charity, sunnah prayers, and duas. You may want to have a journal where you write you realizations and new learnings as you go deeper into the Holy Month. If you haven’s bought stylish planners such as picture above as they have limited circulation, you may want to download a ready to print planner. I got one from this LINK.

2. Travel-friendly prayer mat



Most girls I know own a travel-friendly prayer mat. However, there are sisters who are jump-starting their prayer habit this Ramadhan, In shaa Allah, so I say to you sister, buy one of these. It will make it more convenient for you to pray wherever you are.

3. Pocket-sized Quran


To incorporate Quran reading into our daily routine on Ramadhan, what better way than to have you own copy of the Holy Quran in your bag that you can bring wherever and read whenever you have free time. This fun Rainbow Quran is from an IG retailer, @elbarato_onlineshoppe.

4. Prayer Suit (mukna)


Perhaps a new set of mukna will set the vibe for you? One of the things that I look forward to during Ramadhan is the tarawi and prayer. I believe that what we wear when we pray should be our best garment. We spend so much for fashionable clothes, how about this time we invest in quality mukna sets?

5. Willpower


Sisters, it’s going to be tough. Our daily routine, sleeping pattern, and diet will change abruptly. But this is the month like no other. Let us embrace it with all our hearts. With our starter packs/ battle gears ready, let us look forward into Ramadhan with optimism that we can reach our goals, gratefulness that Allah swt granted us to enjoy another month of Ramadhan, and willpower to discipline ourselves so we can spend every minute of Ramadhan wisely.

Ramadhan Mubarak sisters!



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