What Ramadan Is Not For

Today is the second day of Ramadan in most countries, while it is the first day in some. We are blessed to witness the beginning of this month and we are asking Allah to allow us to complete this month of Ramadan. Ameen.

During this month of Ramadan, we should reflect upon the essence and virtues that lie behind it. Also, we should observe the practices or habits that we did during Ramadan of the previous years that we have to avoid this time for us to have a well spent Ramadan.

On this article, I will share some observations that I noticed from years of spending Ramadan in an Islamic country.

Hopping to malls or hypermarkets for Ramadan sales

If you are staying in a Muslim dominant country, you will experience a lot of sales during Ramadan. 10 days before Ramadan up to 10 days after Ramadan, malls and hypermarkets will be filled with shoppers. There is nothing wrong in visiting such places but if it becomes a priority over religious duties then it should be avoided. We should not let the malls’ parking lots full, while the masjids are empty.

Overeating during iftar

Many of us tend to overeat (binge) during iftar as if they were deprived of food for years. Remember that we don’t need to eat more during Ramadan, we just have to eat right. Overeating during iftar or suhoor makes one lazy or sluggish to perform his religious duties such as praying. Remember not to stuff your tummy heavily making your scale of ibadah empty.

Countless and unnecessary festivities

We celebrate Ramadan daily with our families and friends through Islamic learning but not through parties, extra food, extra idle talks, etc. Festivities make us eat more than we should, and spend more than we should. Also, there may be unnecessary talks too which we should highly avoid. Be reminded that this month is not about extravagance of food, but about limiting ourselves of food. It sounds cliche, but I have to say this Ramadan is a month of fasting not feasting.

Overstaying in the kitchen

Many of our women stay too much in the kitchen to prepare meals for their family, and guests. But, they also have religious duties to perform. Of course they get rewards for cooking for their families but this month is more about ibadah such as prayers, supplication, reading Qur’an and such. They should spend less time in the kitchen, so they will have more time to perform their worship, especially few hours before iftar. As much as possible, it’s recommended to finish everything up in the kitchen an hour before iftar so they will have time to do dhikr and dua, as this is the best time to do so.

Competing for the best eid outfit award

We are encouraged to dress modestly and look good during eid, but we should not feel bad if we can’t have the best or expensive outfit. We are not competing or pleasing others during eid, but pleasing Allah. And, for Allah, simplicity is the best. He does not require any of us to wear expensive clothes but to wear clothes that are neat, modest and that which we can afford.



Pretending tired and sleepy before your mother asks you to help in the kitchen

This is for the children. Mothers feel hungry, and tired too. Having the responsibilities to take care of the house and the family during ramadan is a big task for them. As their children, you should help your mothers especially in preparing the iftar or suhoor during ramadan. If you help them, they will have less time in the kitchen and more time to worship Allah. Surely, Allah will reward you for that effort.

These are just little things, but if we fix these in shaa Allah we can have a better Ramadan this month.

Ramadan Mubarak to all, may Allah grant us acceptance of our worship and fasting and may Allah accept our repentance.



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