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Gift Ideas for Your Fashionable Hijabi Friends

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Give each other gifts and love each other.” By this saying of the messenger of Islam, we should share gifts with each other as tokens of our love with or without an occasion. But what ...



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Nike to Launch ‘Pro Hijab’ for Muslim Athletes

Nike is finally joining the bandwagon of inclusive brands as it unveils its ‘Pro Hijab’ line. With the spring of hijabi athletes in the Middle East and in the whole world alike, it is not a question that they face ...



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KLMFW2016 – The Most Exciting Modest Fashion Event as 2016 ...

Putrajaya – Moslema In Style successfully concluded its annual modest fashion showcase, the Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week 2016 (KLMFW2016) at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) on 3rd and 4th December 2016. The two-day event that showcased some of ...



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How To Complement Your Hijab With Sneakers

When it comes to comfortable footwear, is there anything better than a pair of sneakers? These shoes keep your feet warm, yet supported enough to painlessly walk all day. This is something no pair of heels can ever offer. If ...



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The Grand Launching: Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week 2016

Putrajaya – Moslema In Style launched Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week 2016 (KLMFW 2016), Malaysia’s very first international modest fashion event to 60 media representatives. The launching was held in Armada Hall, Marina Putrajaya and began with the organizer’s speech, ...



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HER’s LAHA Trunk Show: A Fashion for a Cause 

Last June, HERs LAHA organized a charity trunk show at AL Nor Hotel and Convention in Cotabato City. It was the first international charity show of the brand. Hijabimag.com was one of the media partners of the event and on behalf ...



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The Exploration Series: Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week 2016 ...

Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week is an international event that gathers Malaysian and international designers and industry players and set to become the largest event for Women in Malaysia. The event will increase the domestic awareness of ...



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Pinay Hijabi Shout-outs at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

Rabia Z, Haute Couture, Noor Tagouri, Hijarbie, DinaTokio, Bubble Gum Hijab, Romy Ahmed, Zura Ahmad and IFDC ambassadors give their messages of inspiration for Pinay Hijabis at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week! IMFW was presented by Modanisa. Plus, Islamic Fashion Design Council’s COVER ...



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H&M Ad Campaign Features Hijabi Model

H&M just made a bold move by featuring a hijabi model as part of its latest ad campaign. The “Close the Loop” campaign features Mariah Idrissi alongside a Sheikh, plump model, amputee model, transgender model and a group of Sikh ...



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Photos: That Beautiful Filipina Kawaii Hijabi

When she added me on Facebook, I couldn’t help but admire her style and beauty. Jamaila Salic Micawayan surely knows how to dress. With that pretty face, she looks just like a Barbie in hijab. Ate Jamailah is a thirty-plus-something mom ...