Gift Ideas for Your Fashionable Hijabi Friends

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Give each other gifts and love each other.” By this saying of the messenger of Islam, we should share gifts with each other as tokens of our love with or without an occasion. But what should you gift a friend who has not only adopted but slayed the practice of being a hijabi diva?


A woman can never have too many hijabs. Surprise your friend with a beautiful flowing hijab, be it in her favourite colour or a colour you know she doesn’t have yet. The hijab can be a bold, whimsical statement piece, or you could go for a more neutral and versatile approach – you’ll know which will best suit your friend according to her nature. If your friend is a tad too picky and you’re scared she won’t like your choice, you can easily opt for hijab gift cards instead.

Hijabi fashionista


All that glitters is definitely gold for any woman of fashion. But keep in mind that expensive earrings may not be of much use to your friend if she covers her ears as well. Go for a stylish brooch to not only pin her hijab in place, but glam it up a notch too. And since there’s no hijab for the hands, you can go all out on delicate rings, exotic cuffs, or sparkling bangles!

A good pair of shoes is enough to make any girls’ day, and your hijabi friend would love the attention on her feet just as much as she would on her head. If you’re a bit unsure on what size she wears then worry not, for a handbag is always a safe bet. Depending on your friend’s lifestyle, you can choose a large practical handbag, or a small glamorous clutch.


With hundreds of brands in the market, there is no shortage of the variety of make-up you can buy for your friend. Wearing a hijab means that most of the attention is diverted towards her face and she’d definitely want to look her best. You can choose from eye or lip kits to a complete make-up box. The best thing about gifting makeup sets is that they’re already packaged beautifully enough to set our hearts on fire, so that cuts off a bit of you work in the wrapping department.

An even better option is to go for Halal makeup brands. There are a number of halal cosmetics that your friend would definitely love and it’ll also show how thoughtful you’ve been in selecting the gift. Many companies are now producing peel off nail polishes as well as breathable ones, which makes it easier to perform salah while wearing nail colours. So gifting her breathable nail lacquer sets is another great way of ensuring your friend looks good while sensitively taking care that she needs it to be breathable for offering her daily prayers.

hijabi fashionista

Combine It All

If you’re willing to go all out for your friend, putting together an entire outfit is a great idea which shows the love and care you have for her. But be sure to keep in mind that the outfit matches her taste and choices, and not yours. You can make a complete modest outfit set by combining a skirt and blouse, with a blazer to contrast and a good pair of shoes and bag to set it off. If you still have some budget left, you can add accessories to match.

Wrap It Up

But wait, there’s more. Your job doesn’t end with the gift. The way you present it to her can make or break the gesture. Be sure to put a lot of hard work in wrapping – preferably by your own hand – to add that last touch of care. Add a small card with a message that will put a smile on her face.

And relax. If she is your friend, then she will appreciate your gift no matter what, after all it’s the thought that counts. And if you put the time into reading this, then you definitely put some thought into it!





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