Photos: That Beautiful Filipina Kawaii Hijabi

When she added me on Facebook, I couldn’t help but admire her style and beauty. Jamaila Salic Micawayan surely knows how to dress. With that pretty face, she looks just like a Barbie in hijab.

Ate Jamailah is a thirty-plus-something mom with four children. Yes, you read it right. She has four children and the eldest is 13. What kind of sorcery is this? How can she look so young? I can ascertain that she looks younger than I am and many of my friends.

I love her style, which is kawaii (cute) and girly. She is definitely  one of my go-to profile on Facebook for style inspiration because she just nailed the style that I want.

As what she told us, “Palaayos kasi ako. (I love prepping myself.)” According to her, she wants to look her best for her family. And aging doesn’t have to be a prerequisite to looking stressed and ugly, especially to your family and well, husband. (I hear ya!)

Don’t we just wanna age beautifully like she does? I can only hope that we all do.





One thought on “Photos: That Beautiful Filipina Kawaii Hijabi

  1. hahahah maShaAllah! I hope we can age beautifully like her. if ageing means looking like her…. who will need anti-ageing products then?? Subhanallah

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