Hijabi Must Haves

We, the hijabis, are probably the people who would have the truckloads of garments when traveling. This is so because we carry with us a lot of hijabi paraphernalia. To be a full-fledged hijabi, you have to have some basic must-haves in your closet. Here are the fundamental things that you need to have.

These are pieces of cloth that you use to cover your hair and neck. It can be in triangular, rectangular or square shapes. Some headscarves nowadays are instant. That means, you just need to put it on with no use of pins and brooches.

Pins and Brooches

Most headscarves such as pashminas and kaffahs require that you place pins or brooches to keep them secure from wind, etc. Pins and brooches can be as cutesy or as plain as you please.

Inner long-sleeved shirts

Most of us want to wear things that are either short or a bit see-through. Keeping an inner shirt with be of great help in situations such as these. Inner shirts also do best in keeping you comfortable when you wear abayas.

Inner ninja scarves

If you are as lazy as I am in wearing and styling the hijab, you can just put an inner ninja scarf or sometimes called ninja and don the hijab in the simplest way without putting pins, etc. I always tend to do this on lazy days or on days that I feel I am going late for office.

Maxi dresses and skirts

Anything long or maxi, and of course loose, is a thumb up. Maxi skirts are my personal favorites. Some maxi dresses require that you either wear an inner shirt or a vest or jacket.

Tights and Leggings

For some, wearing tights and leggings on the outside is not really advisable as it shows your body shape. However, we all have the dress that needs more coverage. So, having a pair of leggings ready is a plus point. Just in case there is a dire need, you won’t have to think of changing outfits.

Long Tank Tops

Who says that hijabis cannot own tank tops? We do need them. These days, cropped tops are so pretty that we cannot say no to buying and using them. When you wanna strut them, use your tank tops.

Those were some of the basic must-haves that every hijabi should have and probably has. Do you agree? Send in your further additions to the aforementioned in the comments.



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