The New Rule: Ruling Out Long Skirts and Trousers

Back in the days, elders would scold a child for wearing short clothes. They would go mad when their children wear revealing apparels and teach them how civilized people should behave. Now, it seems as though elders are promoting otherwise.

The caption of the video above says, “In Belgium, 30 Muslim schoolgirls were sent back home on Friday, May 29, because they were wearing long skirts. The principal said it was a new rule, but he let them back in on Monday, skirts and all. Some are calling it religious discrimination.

If we can remember, in April, a student was also sent home from school because she was wearing long and loose clothes.

These circumstances make us all wonder, what if a nun will have to enter the said schools? Will she be allowed to enter? Or will she be sent home also just like these girls?

If we are sending our children to schools that promote immodest clothing, we should be thinking twice. What kind of morality are they trying to put on our children’s minds if they see modesty as being non-modern.

There are endless reasons why we should love and encourage modesty in the modern age. We’ve listed five points why modesty is beneficial to the society.


A woman can still dress modestly and be beautiful. Modesty provides a needed defense against usage. Modesty (especially hijab) is ordered upon women in Islam as a barrier and protection. Everything that the Creator made into this world are covered – from hard shells to soft membrane. The sole purpose is to protect what is inside.


When you are dressed modestly, people will look at you not as mere object of their lust or desires. Respect can be easily lost when a woman tries to promote herself by being immodest. If you are modest, you are judged based on your knowledge and wisdom. People will love you based on your character, not because of an appearance that will fade.


Beauty is never concealed when you are dressing modestly. In fact, modesty shows your true beauty without looking like you are trying hard. Instead of focusing on your outward appearance, you are more inclined on being the best that you are.


Modesty is not just about the way you dress. It is about everything you are. It is a virtue that we all should incorporate into our system. When we are modest, we are in fact moderate. We do not resort to extremism. We keep everything in the right dosage.


With all the great things that modesty brings, I just wonder why the world is constantly questioning it. You see, modesty is not for Islam alone. It is for the world to embrace. Whether you believe in religion or not, modesty will protect, uphold and beautify you.



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