The Team

Hijabi Mag is a voluntary and collective effort of the following individuals. Without their eagerness in spreading awareness about modest lifestyle, this project would not be materialized.


Kai Darul

Founder / Editor-in-chief / Section Editor (Lifestyle) / Writer

Kai Darul {}

Kai is a 24-year old Certified Public Accountant hailing from the Southernmost frontier of the Philippines, the tropical Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. She enjoys blogging and reading. She was a journalist and layout artist in the college publication in her university days. She dreams to influence the Muslim youth for the better, travel the world and make a difference.




Co-Founder / Section Editor (Beauty & Fashion) / Writer

Joyce Esmalla {}

Joyce is a 20-ish something years old from General Santos City Philippines. She is a SPED teacher in the making. This girl is an ex-Roman Catholic. She reverted into Islam. She is also a hobbyist photographer, blogger and an avid reader.




Section Editor (Spirituality)/ Master Designer / Writer

Najmah Capal {}

Najmah is a multi-passionate blogger, web designer and student of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is the founder of The Muslim Bricks, a blog about Islamic reflections, Personal development and Spiritual growth . She also runs By Najmah, where she blogs behind the scenes of her blogging and creative works.




Section Editor (The Hijabi) / Writer

Ayeesha Dicali {}

Ayeesha is an associate editor of a local-based newspaper by day and a Jane of all trades at night. She was a campus journalist, debater and quizzer since high school. She believes in the power of words, images, and fast internet. Islam is her way of life not because she was born into it but because she chose it.




Karren MambuayPR Manager

Karren Mambuay

Karren is a Sales & Digital Marketing consultant. She is a revert and like everyone else, she is also a striving muslimah.





Tasks Scheduler / Writer

Precious Blue Pearl

She is a revert Muslimah and a Social Worker for more than a decade wherein she got involved  in the fields of community organization and development, case management, research and medical settings. She has been a part of an international non-government organization that advocates children’s rights and women empowerment. Currently, she is a government employee of the provincial government of Albay (Region V). Writing is one of her hobby and passion.





Hajar Kabalu

Haj is a Shari’ah Counselor, an amateur photographer, a certified chocoholic, a former teacher and media practitioner from Cotabato City. He is currently working as a news writer in the Bureau of Public Information – ARMM.