Filipina Muslimah Bloggers You Should Be Following

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

With the emergence of millions of blogs worldwide, it is impossible not to come across blogs of Filipina Muslimahs. In light of this, we’ve listed a few of these blogs in alphabetical order.


Abbey is married and has just started wearing hijab on January 1, 2014. And her blog is about sharing some personal stuffs.


Alyssa is an artsy student from Metro Manila. She blogs about her random thoughts and roller-coaster journey. You may find her blog really eye-catching because the colors just pop in your screen.


Azizah studies at International Islamic University – Malaysia. She blogs about her journey from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia, from reading to writing, from nature lover to traveler, and her life’s challenges.


Joyce is a revert from General Santos City, the hometown of Manny Pacquiao. She is a SPED teacher, hobbyist photographer and an avid reader. She is also the co-founder and Beauty and Fashion section editor of Hijabi Mag.


Saffiyyah loves floral and vintage stuffs. She loves tea parties just as much, too. Her blog is about Islam and personal whatnots.

by najmah

Najmah is currently completing her studies on BS Nutrition and Dietetics and BA in Islamic Studies at the same time. She blogs about healthy lifestyle, blogging and her journey to becoming a dietitian. Moreover, Najmah is the web designer and Spirituality section editor of Hijabi Mag.


Raqisah is an educator and a photo blogger. Her blog is mostly her interests and teaching experiences.


Happy is a bubbly hijabi who loves sharing about bits of pieces of her life online.


Rayza is a digital artist. Her blog is about her love scrapbooking, quotes collection, photography, home makeovers, and shopping!


Leanne is a striving muslimah, wife and mom. She blogs about her ramblings, travels and ootds.


Kai is a CPA, internal auditor, blogger, vlogger. She loves writing just as much she loves to read. On her free time, she blogs about her life, interior design, finance, personal development and Islam. She loves exploring and learning new things. She is one of the Philippine Ambassadors for World Hijab Day. She is the brain behind Hijabi Mag. Currently, she is the editor-in-chief of H.M.


Lynne is a law student who blogs just about anything, from her travels to law school, food and personal ramblings.


Talia is a landscape architect and an interior design enthusiast. She loves designing but she also is eager to be within budget. We can all learn from her simple DIYs to spending tips.


Jamila, born Jacquelline, is a revert. She is the owner of Classic Crown Hijab Store, an online store based in Manila that offers modest clothing and Muslimah apparels in the Philippines. She loves cats, designing, traveling and more, some of which we can expect from her blog.


Maryam is an educator and a revert. Her blog is mostly about her journey as a Muslim.


Hanimai is a wife, globetrotter, entrepreneur, and accountant. Her personal blog is about her thoughts, ideas, opinions, travels and many more.

queeniepadilla blog

Queenie is known all over the country not just because her surname is Padilla. She was once an actress who turned to Islam. She blogs about her journey as a Muslimah and her thoughts. She is very active online, too, on her social networks.


Fahr is a tausug blogger from Zamboanga City. She likes art, design, beaches, cats and butterflies. She blogs mostly about Islam and her opinions.


Mara is that old soul who loves Audrey Hepburn, Jamiroquai,
turntables and vinyls, and yoga. Like Kai, she is also one of the Philippine Ambassadors for World Hijab Day. Her blog is mostly about lifestyle and her OOTDs.


Alhamdulillah, there are more and more Muslimahs voicing their thoughts through the use of technology. Hijabi Mag is hoping for more young souls to enter the scene and inspire us more.

Do you know of other Filipina Muslimah bloggers? Let us know in the contact page.



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