Hair Care for Hijabis

Hair care is not just for people who don’t cover up. Hijabis also must be aware of how to take care of their hair, more than anybody else.

Contrary to the belief that hijabis don’t have hair, we actually also have bad hair days like most people. It is when your hair is all over your hijab, tangled and looking unhealthy.

It is rather important to take care of your hair when you always have it covered during the day. Although covering protects it from harmful chemicals, sometimes it can also be the reason for its unhealthiness.

So, how do we take care of our crowning glory (minus the hijab)?

Choose mild shampoos and conditioners. 

Whether you are wearing the hijab or not, it is important to always pick mild shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair from damages caused by chemicals. It is even better to use virgin coconut oil as conditioner than the usual ones we use. Our hair needs nutrition in order to grow beautifully.

Also, remember not to use shampoos and conditioners on a daily basis. It is better if you use them on alternate basis, meaning if you used them today, you’ll use them again the day after tomorrow. 

Eat healthy food rich in amino acids and proteins.

Damaged hair can also mean damaged health. Remember that the hair gets nutrition more from the inside than the things we put on its outer layer. If we happen to eat recklessly too much junk, it will most likely affect the hair.

Dry your hair before wearing the headscarf.

Don’t start saying that you have no time to actually have it dried before wearing the headscarf. You should take responsibility on taking care of your body. If you can’t get up early, then take a hot bath the night before just like the Japanese people.

Blow-drying or flat-ironing your hair is also not an option. It will just damage your hair. So, no no!

Do not tie your hair or your hijab very tightly.

Leave some space for the air to enter your hijab and your scalp. If you tie things tightly, you will more or less have a headache even before the day ends.

Use the right hijab for the right weather.

On warm days, go for light hijabs. On cold ones, it doesn’t really matter. Remember to not go for black hijabs during warmer days as it absorbs the heat.

Those are just some tips on hair care for hijabis. Although our headscarves are our crown, remember that Allah SWT gave us our hair. So, we must take care of it, hijabis or not.



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