Hijab Matters

European Court rules employees may be banned for wearing hijab ...

European Court of Justice has just ruled that employers may ban employees who wear visible religious, political and philosophical symbols such as hijab. This is in joint judgment given to cases of two women from France and Belgium, who were ...



Personal Development

More Compassion, Better World

In a world full of bigotry and hatred, people need to learn compassion and love for one another. What greater change we can make than start within ourselves first! We preach of having compassion towards our fellow humans, but what ...



Hijab FashionWhat's New

Nike to Launch ‘Pro Hijab’ for Muslim Athletes

Nike is finally joining the bandwagon of inclusive brands as it unveils its ‘Pro Hijab’ line. With the spring of hijabi athletes in the Middle East and in the whole world alike, it is not a question that they face ...



Personal Development

Evaluating Myself

At night when the lights are off and the night is long, I tend to look back on my day and even the months and the years before. Memories, good and bad, come back and have me thinking. I mostly ...



The Hijabi

Walk A Day in My Hijab | World Hijab Day

“Did your father impose that thing on you?” “Do you sleep in that?” Some would ask me as soon as we started acquainting. Perhaps my pastel pink chiffon hijab was too cute to go unnoticed. In the eyes of others, ...



Personal Development

How I Helped Myself Heal After My Mother’s Death

Learn more about how I helped myself heal after my mother's death.



Personal DevelopmentReflections

My Learnings from WIEF Young Fellows 2016

More than 20 participants from all over the world converged in Singapore for the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Young Fellows 2016 last September 17-25, 2016. The WIEF Young Fellows is an initiative of WIEF Young Leaders Network (WYN) that ...




My Ramadhan Reflections: A Personal Context

Ramadhan is indeed on its final third portion. And I am as saddened as any Muslim who loves this month so much. If there is such a feeling that I want the most, it is the feeling of extensive worship ...



Islam 101Ramadan

Welcoming Ramadhan

In roughly five days, Ramadhan will be knocking on our doors and give hope both for the pious and the sinner. Muslims around the world are already setting up their minds and intentions for the month of sacrifice. Here are ...



Islam 101Personal DevelopmentRamadan

5 Fasting Benefits to the Human Body

Ramadhan is approaching. Most of us will be starting to get ready for the holy month when food and drinks will be haram for us to take during the day. However, did you know that it is better for our body if ...