Welcoming Ramadhan

In roughly five days, Ramadhan will be knocking on our doors and give hope both for the pious and the sinner. Muslims around the world are already setting up their minds and intentions for the month of sacrifice. Here are some ways to turn your Ramadhan mode on:


The month of Ramadhan is for forgiveness. However, it does not have to be only in Ramadhan that we forgive people who wronged us or we ask forgiveness from people that we did wrong. Start right this time and make sure that you have a clean heart always.


Who says that you can’t plan for Ramadhan? From the good deeds to healthy living to work balancing, you need to strategize a plan for the whole month. Other people purchase or make their Ramadhan Planner/Journal to manage their days better and be able to evaluate at the end of the month.

If you are more of a gadget-person, you can set up your to-do list from duas to Qur’an readings, extra salaahs and good deeds that you will be carrying out this coming month.


To get into the mood, make sure that your home is visually ready for Ramadhan. If we are to cleanse our minds and bodies this Ramadhan, it is only fitting that we have tidy homes, as well.

Kids will be more excited about Ramadhan when the house is beautifully decorated. Let your kids be part of cleaning and decorating the house. This way, they will feel the excitement even more.

In sha Allah, all of our good deeds this Ramadhan will be accepted into our book of deeds.

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