5 Toddler Parenting Advice for Muslim Mommies

As a mother of two, I have had my fair share of learning and relearning how to handle infants and toddlers. My firstborn is now three years old, while my second son is eleven months old. While many people say that when a child grows, the work gets lesser and lesser. I beg to disagree.

In my case, I have been warier in my actions and the actions of others as my children grow old. It probably stemmed from my wanting them to grow with manners and morals.

As your babies enter the toddler stage, they begin to understand bit by bit the world that surrounds them. They also begin to interact more and want to be included in all of your activities. This is where you should be cautious – not only about their safety but about their overall well-being.

Here are some things to consider when you have a toddler:

Childproof your home.

As I said, your child will be moving more as they become conscious of the world. This allows curiosity to drive them. You want them to be safe in every corner of your home, thus the need to childproof your house. Sharp objects should be stored away from them. Anything that would cause fire or accidents should be well taken care of. Most importantly, the house should be tidy and clean.

Check your actions and intentions.

Your child is your mirror. They see you as their role model. Whatever you do will affect them greatly. If you are a pessimist, your child will most likely think negatively. If you are easily angry, they will learn that they need to be angry always. As their parent, you should be aware of your actions whenever your child is present. While we can’t outright rule out that the child will be like their parents, their behavior towards how you handle things will be affected in some ways.

Tell and show them the right way.

It is very important to maintain communication with your children. However, it does not stop with words. You have to be the steward of your words. Whatever good comes out of your mouth should also show in your actions. This way, they will emulate you and your good actions.

Apologize if you are wrong.

Your child is developing feelings and emotions, but they still can’t fully grasp what these mean. This is why if you have wronged them, you should apologize. And if they are in the wrong, they should also apologize. Teach them how to apologize sincerely.

Finally, give them time.

There is no more precious gift than time, especially for a child who craves nothing but your presence. You can either play with them, tell them stories, cook for them, pray with them, or simply just be by their side. You are their first love. Don’t break their hearts.




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