Stop Worrying A Little Too Much

To stop worrying so much. It is easier said than done. As humans, we tend to worry about the future, how other people see us, our well-being, and so on. Mostly, the reason for worrying is our urge to want to know what the endpoint is – which we will never know for sure. Moreover, we worry about our mistakes and even the things that happened to us that we don’t have control over. The statistics, the trends, the graphs, and all that can show the possibilities, but they can be changed instantly by circumstances.

To worry is to be human. But please, if you are worrying a little bit too much, then take a deep breath and remind yourselves these:

We can only do as much as speculate about the future.

The only thing we can do about our future is speculating about it. We cannot predict it 100%. So, live within the moment. Do the things you can do now. The future will sort itself out depending on how you manage the ‘now.’

You can do so many things today that can contribute to your betterment in the future. Pick your role model. Go on vacation. Work hard. Study well. Get that certification. Let love in. Go to the beach. Learn a skill.

You may have committed a mistake…

… but it is not entirely your fault. And the good news is? You can always rise from the ground, pick yourself up, and stand firmly to correct these mistakes. To accept our rawness and imperfections means we also have to accept the fact that we will commit mistakes along the way. However, we can always choose to do the right thing.

Do not let your mistakes hinder you from the greater things that await you. Let those mistakes teach you how you can do better.

People will come and go.

You may worry about people leaving. Whether we like it or not, it is how life is. People will come and go in our lifetime. We will witness birth and death. We will earn new acquaintances and end friendships. We will have complicated relationships. Eventually, they will ceast to exist somehow. There is no need to worry a little bit too much, especially if you have not done anything wrong that caused these people to leave.

Move on, and welcome new people.

Accept the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly that life will offer.

Life will never be smooth sailing for everyone. We will have our own sets of trials along the way. Accept the decree. It is the life that you have been blessed. It is beautiful and ugly at the same time. But, life will always be good no matter how many bad things will happen to us. It may be bittersweet, but our life is worth living.

You can do this! Good things await you.




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