#ShopeeFinds Instant Hijab Edition

Shopee is where you find almost everything you need, and well, things you also don’t need. But for working women who have a lot on their hands, an instant hijab is needed. Here are some of the trendy instant hijabs that we found on Shopee, just in case you need one!









Instant hijab with ruffles – https://shope.ee/LBwIS0niM

Instant hijab with flower details – https://shope.ee/2VGQseE70N

Jumbo instant hijab with wider coverage – https://shope.ee/LBwIkBP5W

Khimar instant hijab – https://shope.ee/8pAUQSPhGz

Khimar double instant hijab – cerutti fabric – https://shope.ee/1Al3IVFV4K

Simple instant hijab – https://shope.ee/4AOesm75n6

Maryam instant hijab – https://shope.ee/99nKqLRADw


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