Rashguards are too short, Burkini is the modest way!

The outdoors, especially nature, is one of the many ways that we use to unwind to forget the stress brought about by everyday life. One of the favorite destinations of people who want to forget about their worries in life is the beach. However, we, hijabis and modest women find it hard to look for clothes that fit best for the beach. I, for one, had to use skin-tight and short rashguards and then cover it all over with other apparel. Sometimes, I just throw on my pajamas or jogging suits, which are heavy and eyesores, and hit the beach.

Recently, a lot of buzzes have been going around about burkinis. These are modest alternatives to bikinis. And they definitely fit the beach vibe. From the fabric to the cut, the comfort brought by burkinis definitely are something we can all agree on. LYRA burkini is one of the brands that struck me most. Their designs are beautiful, modern yet are modest and not skintight nor body-hugging. The Italian Carvico fabric used on LYRA burkinis is lightweight, fast-drying, and has high UV protection which is a must if you go to the beach.


Have you tried using a burkini to the beach? What are your thoughts about it?



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