Ramadan By Mango

With Ramadan less than two weeks away, Muslims are preparing themselves for this holy month. In addition to getting ready for fasting for long hours, embarking on a spiritual journey, Muslims also have a lot of get togethers for iftar, at homes and at mosques, during this month.

Being invited to iftar parties or attending the mosque are a norm for Muslims during this month. In preparation for this, new clothes are extremely popular to purchase for these events.

Mango, a Spanish fashion brand will be launching their Ramadan Kareem line on June 8th! I am excited to see how this line will look and how well it performs amongst Muslims this month.

Brands such as Mango, and others should actually be encouraged to participate, rather than criticized, in this way during our Holy months. Not only does this raise awareness about Islam, it provides a fashionable outlook for modest Muslims to purchase from. I, personally, would love to see some of my other favorite brands come out with lines geared towards Muslims and modesty as these clothes, especially dresses, are hard to come by.

Although this line is not completely modest (as a lot of the dresses have sheer or no sleeves) it is still an attempt by a brand to change their look, and to target a specific audience. And for that they should be applauded.

The collection offers flattering and modest clothes, which are not too tight fit, which can be worn by any woman of any size. The lace embellished details help in the overall look, and the looser fit make them easy to wear for any figure. They are elegant, colorful, and seem like they will impress!

Although it is geared towards Muslim women, this collection can truly be worn by any woman who wants a modest, elegant, and chic look. The dresses are formal enough for special occasions, such as a party or even a wedding.

Here are some of my favorites that will be included in the line:


Of course for the sheer dresses and ones with no sleeves, I would personally wear a cardigan over it or a long sleeve under it, to make it an acceptable Islamic dress.

Can’t wait for this line to debut! Be on the lookout, and order your dress today!

Direct link to the line so far: http://shop.mango.com/AE/women/featured/ramadan-kareem



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  1. Doc A says:

    huhuhu ma Sha Allah… im teary-eyed… MODESTY: the new conqueror who will conquer the “naked” fashion industry! Allahu Akbar!!! this all because of the increasing number of Hijabi muslimah bloggers, vloggers,and fashionistas, just like the smart and pretty muslimas behind this Hijabi Mag! Tabarakallah!! :))))

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