Evaluating Myself

At night when the lights are off and the night is long, I tend to look back on my day and even the months and the years before. Memories, good and bad, come back and have me thinking. I mostly give highlight to the decisions I made, and if they actually made sense and if they were able to make a difference.

Evaluating one’s self is not an easy feat. We tend to be biased, giving ourselves rationalizations on the wrong things we’ve committed and excessive praises on the good things we did. However, knowing and acknowledging our mistakes make us understand what this life is for.

It is crucial for Muslims to always give themselves feedback on their actions for the day – especially those in regards the religion and morality.

Ask yourselves these questions every night before your sleep. It will help you understand life and make you a more grateful person.

  1. What decisions had I made today?
  2. What impact did they make to my life? To others’ lives? 
  3. Am I happy with the outcome of my decision?
  4. Did I hurt somebody due to my decision?
  5. Am I grateful that I decided that way?
  6. Is the decision not Islamically prohibited?
  7. Was the decision logically and Islamically centered? Or was it emotionally driven?
  8. Can I do better?
  9. If so, what are other available options that I have to make the decision positively impactful for myself and for others?
We do learn from our wrongdoings. But we only learn when we evaluate our wrong decisions. Otherwise, what is there to learn from a decision that we think that is correct? By constantly and truthfully evaluating our actions for the day, we create an instant feedback system within ourselves. We also assure ourselves that we cannot make the same mistakes again.
What decision have you made today that you think created a positive difference?




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