Final Destination Finally | Poem

You are yet to see real trouble

When the earth shaken to its last rubble

Everything man lived for will all crumble

Laa illah ila Allah will not stumble

Those living without aim now fumble

Eventually when they cant mumble

Unable 6feet under to answer final riddle

Sorted out from those among the noble

Secure will they be than finger in a thimble

Woe to those who took life for a jingle

Flaunting proudly in public they wiggle

When the final horn blown will yoddle

Indeed all their deeds will burst like a bubble

Bit none will give an ear to their grumble

Their refuge but a blazing fire that will cuddle

Them as fuel in excess they will tumble

In the pit of hell like a mountain of pebble

Pain worse than agony of death now double

Submit to Him and set an example of being humble

Times now changed into something else but simple

How so they make fuss cause of just a pimple

Without piety all matters will definitely stumble

For the devil has made you his personal saddle

Best to follow the right path of faith hustle

Contrary path full of snakes that ever rattle

But a short while we shall spend in this bustle

Persevere and wisely use your inner muscle

Therefore being in heaven among the best sample

Only if evils mouth permanently you staple

Then sincerely follow the last best example

Muhammad (SAW) abduhu wa Rasullulah.

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