MISIFF 2015 Unites Muslimah Fashion Labels from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore

KUALA LUMPUR – The recent Moslema in Style Fashion Forward 2015 (MISIFF 2015), a dazzling fashion show event that took place at Tun Razak Hall 4, PWTC made its mark in the fashion history for being the platform that showcased 12 Muslimah fashion labels from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The international event which was held on the 7th and 8th of November 2015 was officiated by YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Malaysia Tourism and Culture.

“With participation from various countries, this has been a long awaited event among Muslimah fashion fans as on its fourth year, the MISIFF 2015 fashion show will be showcasing international Muslimah fashion designers such as By Anita Yuni, Anniesa Hasibuan, Eksotik by Indah Ambarwati from Indonesia and Sufyaa from Singapore. In addition to that, local designers such as Sri Munawwarah, Minaz, Haziq Scarf, Losravelda, Werda, Telekung Siti Khadijah and Shara Islamic are also participating in the fashion show. As the Silver sponsor for MISIFF 2015, Sri Munawwarah Design will showcase a collection which was recently showcased in London, early October this year” mentioned Datuk Mas Ermieyatie Samsudin in her speech.

There were also exhibition booths offering various fashion labels and products specifically for women and family which were a hit among the visitors. But that’s not all. The participating vendors were not limited to big Muslimah fashion names such as seperti Sri Munawwarah Design, Haziq Scarf, Shara Islamic Fashion, Siti Khadijah, Bella Amara, Minaz, Werda, Ameera Zaini Hijab Revival, Shea Rasol, Sun Fabulous and many more, but also participation from celebrities such as Neelofa with her brand, Naelofar Hijab, Irma Hasmie and Ziana Zain who met her fans while promoting ZAYYEN, a collaboration between the singer with Zatu Emerald boutique. As for women’s beauty care products, a Halal cosmetic brand from Paris, Khadija, was among many international Halal brands that were being used backstage at MISIFF 2015.

Realising how massive Muslimah fashion market is worldwide with an estimation of $USD 500 billion in 2019 and 82% increase in purchasing  power since 2013, the platform to promote this sector should be linear with the positive growth that contributes to the world’s economy.

Each of MISIFF programs provides access to Malaysia’s Muslimah fashion designers and retailers to introduce and position their brands internationally. The good relationship between Moslema In Style and foreign sponsors established years ago through events such as Muslim Lifestyle Expo UK, Islam Channel UK, Saverah Women Expo London, Indonesia Muslim Fashion Week, Modanisa Istanbul and the most recent, Moscow Halal Expo; entitled Moslema In Style the exclusivity to present Malaysia’s brands and most importantly to penetrate larger Muslim and Halal market at international level.

“Our effort in bringing Malaysia name forward through Muslimah fashion platform really requires all the support and cooperation from all parties,” said Emy Yuzliza, the founder of Moslema In Style in her speech.

Aligned with Islamic practice in presenting Muslimah fashion, only women were a part of the backstage crew from make-up artists to stylist, and fashion shows were accessible only to invited female guests.

International hijab icons such as Kubra Kapki from Turkey, Aydha Mehnaz from Bangladesh, Azizah Talusan from the Phillipines and Romy Ahmed from United Kingdom were invited for “Hijab Talk” session. Emy added,” During the ‘Hijab Talk’ session which was open to public, we were able to see and hear these hijab icons’ experiences in their countries. This was a golden opportunity for these hijab icons’ social media followers to see their countries’ representatives telling and sharing tips according to their respective cultures and customs up close!”.

To achieve Moslema In Style’s objective, “Usrah Usahawan” session was held after “Hijab Talk”. The talk was given by a panel, who is an important individual behind a renowned Muslimah fashion label, Dato’ Tuan Hasnah Tuan Yusoff, the founder of Sri Munawwarah Design and a guest panel, Encik Muhammad Rafie bin Ramli, the founder of Felinna.

The MISIFF 2015 event has received support and endorsement from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia and Sri Munawwarah Design. “Sri Munawwarah Design is a Malaysian brand that has received The BrandLaureate Award and is not a foreign name in Malaysia and United Kingdom’s Muslimah fashion industry. Sri Munawwarah Design has just recently returned from London after showcasing their latest collection there,” said Emy.

As the official TV station for the event, TV9’s Lin Nisa personalities, Faatin Akib and Shea Rasol also made a special appearance on the runway at MISIFF 2015. Other official media involved in covering the event include Utusan Malaysia newspaper, ATIYA.my – Malaysia’s Muslimah lifestyle web portal, Ala Hijab – Turkey’s web portal, Asians UK magazine from United Kingdom, Azizah magazine from the U.S.A, Muslim Bride magazine from South Africa, Hijabi Mag magazine from The Phillipines and Gaya Magazine from Singapore.

MISIFF 2015 was sponsored by Sri Munawwarah Design, Mindquest Production, Mirul Amir Photography, Base Model KL, The Duchess Tailor, Pro Taxi, Kotak Gambar, Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin, Muslim Lifestyle Expo UK and Moscow Halal Expo, Russia.


Sri Munawwarah Design (Malaysia)

Munawwarah Design Sdn Bhd is a pioneer in Muslim Lifestyle Apparels founded by Dato’ Tuan Hasnah Tuan Yusoff. Established in 1992, it is now a renowned provider of a comprehensive range of lifestyle apparels and accessories.

Its products range from Womenswear to Menswear, Haj and Umrah apparels and accessories. Tudungs/Hijabs, Children’s clothing as well as Clothes of Worship. With a wide range of product offerings, it is a One Stop Shopping Centre for men and women of various lifestyles. Wether it be busy and energetic working man and woman, the caring but hardworking supermom, the budding student, or the stylish lady, Munawwarah has the product which caters to the various styles and needs of the individual.

Sri Munawwarah Design was awarded Best SME Brand in Muslim Lifestyle Apparel 2014 by the Brand Laureate.

Website: www.munawwarahdesign.com

Email: ina@munawwarahdesign.com

Contact Number: 019-3388244 (Puan Haslina)

By Anita Yuni (Indonesia)

Website : www.anitayuni.com

Email : dr.anitayuni@yahoo.com

Contact Number :  +6282231079577 (Puan Anita Yuni)

Losravelda (Malaysia)

Website : www.losravelda.com

Email : izzatishbdn@losravelda.com

Contact Number : 012-3424258 (Puteri)

Sufyaa (Singapore)

Website: www.sufyaa.com.sg

Email : rina@sufyaa.com.sg

Contact Number : +6593635485 (Puan Rina Tahar)

Shara Islamic Fashion (Malaysia)

Website : www.facebook.com/SharaIslamicFashion/

Email : megat.sarah@gmail.com

Contact Number : 019-2428485 (Puan Puteri Sarah)

Telekung Siti Khadijah (Malaysia)

Website : www.sitikhadijah.com

Email : munzir@sitikhadijah.com

Contact Number : 019-600 3683 (Encik Munzir)

Haziq Scarf (Malaysia)

Contact Number : 012-3370744 (Puan Ayu)

Eksotik by Indah Ambarwati (Indonesia)

Email : sad_indah99@yahoo.com

Contact Number : +62812 3048163 (Puan Sad Indah)

Anniesa Hasibuan (Indonesia)

Website : www.anniesahasibuan.com

Email : adehanna54@gmail.com

Contact Number : +62 812 9544 4515 (Cik Hanna)

Werda (Malaysia)

Website : www.facebook.com/werdaofficial

Email : najihah_amirudin@candidsyndrome.com

Contact Number :  017-8870557

Minaz (Malaysia)

Website : www.instagram.com/minaz.my/

Email : minaz.hq@gmail.com

Contact Number : 019-3357957 (Puan Hafizah)

Mourissa Concept

Email : mourissa.concept@gmail.com

Contact Number : 018-3717870

Ummiriaz Collection

Website : www.instagram.com/ummiriazofficial/

Email : ummiriaz_collections@yahoo.com

Contact Number : 019-7790541 (Puan Azura)


Untuk informasi lanjut, layari www.misiff.com.

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For Press Enquiries and Interview, contact:


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The MISIFF is set to become the largest event for Muslim women in Malaysia, maximizing the potential for female entrepreneurs, designers and business leaders to market their product and services and expand their network. The aims to be a celebration of the success of Muslim women as well as providing a platform for new and emerging talent to break through along with inspiring future generations with messages of empowerment and support. Inspiration and encouragement will be provided by motivational speakers, seminars, networking, fashion shows and much more. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for new generations of female Muslims to gain their support of their peers and put forward their own ideas, products and services in a cost effective manner that may not have been possible elsewhere. MISIFF is ideal platform for temporary ideas and original talent as well as an opportunity to shop, make new contacts and be inspired to make independent decisions concerning ones own lifestyle. It’s the ultimate event exclusively for Muslim women.



Moslema In Style was founded in 2012 with the primary objective is to assist Malaysian Muslim fashion designers and label to build a brand that is known and recognized. Moslema In Style is to make Malaysia as a hub for reference and “trendsetters” for the Muslim Fashion industry as we can see now that Muslim Fashion is expanding rapidly around the globe. As an event company, Moslema In Style has a special focus that involves working with and empowering Muslim women organisations, making Moslema In Style a platform which promotes aspiring talented individuals and businesses. As for today, Moslema In Style was recognized by international event organizer; their trusted partner towards successful of their event.

  • Indonesia Moslem Fashion Week 2014 (Bandung, Indonesia)
  • Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Saverah Woman Expo 2015 (London, UK)
  • Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2015 (Coventry, UK)



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