How To Complement Your Hijab With Sneakers

When it comes to comfortable footwear, is there anything better than a pair of sneakers? These shoes keep your feet warm, yet supported enough to painlessly walk all day. This is something no pair of heels can ever offer.

If that wasn’t enough, sneakers are great at complementing any outfits for every body shape, or even age, as they are very versatile from a stylistic point of view. They go well with dresses, abayas, sports tracksuits and tunics or any other garments you might want to wear. Sneakers are reliable, practical and look great, all at the same time!

However, many sisters often struggle to find a hijab that matches their sneakers, as well as their wider choice of outfit.

Keep Your Hijab And Sneakers Consistent

While it seems instinctive to match your hijab with your outfit, why not focus on ensuring consistency with your sneakers? This way, you can simply choose any outfit that works with the existing choices.

Aside from an instantly classy look, this works with your wide wardrobe. So, when the colder weather hits, you can easily find a matching warm jumper and your outfit is complete. Of course, the odd accessory (like a handbag or belt) can help accentuate the final look, but the combination of sneakers and a hijab is what really makes the final aesthetic.

Making An Impression

Going to a party? Why not wear some sneakers? Done right, sneakers can give you a great formal look that still allows you to walk, run and live a busy life – perfect for mothers who are always chasing after their children.

The next time you need to look your best, try complementing your sneakers with both your hijab and some additional jewellery. Gold sneakers, for instance, can make a strong impression but can easily be worked into your outfit with some accompanying gold accessories. It will definitely make a strong impression when you arrive!

Height Without Heels

You don’t need a delicate pair of heels to make yourself appear taller. Wedge sneakers can give you that extra lift, while still keeping your feet comfortable. Combined with a hijab with a triangular aesthetic, this can instantly redefine your height.

Furthermore, you can use layers to help elongate your face. Multiple layers is a tried and tested look when it comes to hijab style, but why stop there? When you need a warmer outfit, use multiple layers. Combined with tights or leggings, this can help to further elongate your appearance and give you extra height – all without heels.

The Athletic Look

If you have a sporting side, it should be no surprise that sneakers are a great choice for the weekend. You can use a turban hijab to help turn this into an overall sporty style, thanks to some simple athletic clothing options.

Sneaker Superstars

When it comes to sneakers, Adidas is definitely the biggest name out there and rightly so. These trainers are very comfortable, yet have a chic and fashionable design. It’s no wonder, then, that many popular hijabi bloggers have taken to wearing there Adidas footwear with pride, helping to create striking ensembles in the process.

As far as fashion is concerned, there really are no rules. If you can make it work, then go for it! Experiment with your sneakers and it won’t take long to create an amazing new look for yourself!

Let us know how you are going to pair your hijab with sneakers in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! J



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