Pret-A-Cover Fashion Week

Modest Fashion and the Power of Choice: Pret-A-Cover Fashion Week 2016


Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.Marc Jacobs


Time and again, we hear that fashion is an art form. It is also an extension of one’s personality. How we groom or style ourselves shows or hides something about us – in a must-read blog from About Style. To quote Cynthia Nellis, Women’s Fashion Expert:

“Fashion can be an extension of your personality, allowing you to introduce parts of your personality to the world without saying a word. Conversely, the way you dress can also conceal parts of your personality or allow you to play a role: Clothing can be a costume, a uniform or a proclamation of independence.”

For many women, the most common exercise of freedom is fashion. 2 simple things that don’t change with women through time: an eye for beauty, and a sense of modesty. No matter how conservative or liberal she is, she wakes up and thinks of beauty, whatever that means for her. Every day, she chooses how to cover herself – and how beautiful is that power of choice!

What is probably the oldest feminist movement that roots from early religious and ethnic traditions displays in what we now know as the “modest fashion” industry. While modest fashion might be old in its roots, it definitely has the capacity to ride with the tides of modernity!

This week, Islamic Fashion Design Council (IFDC) launched the first ever virtual fashion week around the world – Pret A CoverTM (PAC) Fashion Week. PACFW is dedicated to every modest fashion consumer – advice, tips and guidance on achieving ultimate shopping success, name it! Launched in COVER Magazine’s December issue, with editor in chief Dilyara Sadrieva and strategic partner Farfetch that represents hundreds of high level boutiques in several countries. In the words of Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC:

“We launched the Pret-A-Cover™ Fashion Week to be able to do something disruptive and effective for the modest fashion industry. We intend for PACFW to be a practical and true benefit to the modest fashion industry as well as the consumers who so passionately look for modest fashion designers from around the world.”

Let Pret A CoverTM be your most trusted shopping companion. Now retailers and consumers can rejoice, the opportunities for both are better than ever with this exciting new initiative.



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