No Atom Exists That Allah Does Not Know

Every calamity we have to witness, every hardship we have to encounter, every step we have to take, every minute we have to breathe, every atom that exists.. happens with the knowledge of Allah.

Among the 6 articles of Islamic faith is the belief in the divine decree of Allah which means that every good and bad, every happiness or sorrow, every pleasure or pain, exist by the will of Allah. This article is to believe that Allah’s knowledge encompasses everything, that Allah has recorded everything from the creation of the heavens and the earth until the Day of Judgment, that nothing occurs without the will of Allah, and that every thing that exists is created by Allah.

There would be instances that would make us convinced that there are too many things that are impossible to happen with our control but possible with Allah’s absolute power. A person is born in a wealthy family while the other one is born in a deprived family.  A person is healthy and strong while the other has a disorder. A person is given the freedom to practice his deen, while other is oppressed for being a Muslim.  A person lives for 90 years while the other dies while in a fetus stage. All of these are due to the will of Allah, and surely there are wisdom behind these.

Although some conditions are difficult to comprehend, a person has to believe that everything Allah creates is for a good reason. From the discovery of scientific facts to the progress of the technology that brought ease and confusion in our lives that are both significant in our existence. The destructive creations around us are made by Allah to test and encourage the mankind to strengthen their imaan.

The benefit of believing in the  divine  decree is that it strengthens a person’s belief and trust in Allah. Even when his plans do not come the way he plans it, he knows that Allah has better plans for him. He knows that not all the good things he thinks would benefit him, would actually benefit him and not all he thinks would make him miserable would make him miserable. The person struggles to reach his goals at the same time relies on Allah for the result. A person then would believe that things don’t happen without a purpose. A man would then achieve an inner peace from this realization.

Seek guidance from Allah and strive hard to gain His pleasure, make Jannah the ultimate goal, waste not your time and worship Allah as if you will not live to hear the next adhan.



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