2 Must-Have Apps for Techie Hijabis



Admit it, you too cannot live a day without being semi-permanently attached to your smartphone. Our days cannot start without checking notifications in our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter apps. We do not touch our food without taking first a photo. We don’t carry heavy paperback anymore for we bring the whole library in our ebook readers. And when we need to fight boredom, we have an assortment of gaming apps that help us kill time.

But let’s face it. Sometimes our addiction to our phones sometimes becomes detrimental in a way that we forget more important things in life as we glue our eyes on our mobiles. But what if there are apps too that are worth our while? Ladies, there are Islamic apps out in the market that work. Here I list two of the best Islamic apps that I personally use.

Ladies, we have to have Muslim Pro.


In my short stint of living in a predominantly non-Muslim city—Makati City—the hardest adjustment that I went through is that I do not hear adhan at all. I was used to living in Marawi where our house is practically surrounded by mosques in all direction. My prayer habit used to rely heavily on hearing the adhan. Second thing is being new to the place, I do not know where the Halal shops and restaurants are. When I moved to an apartment, I found it hard to locate the Qiblah.

Muslim Pro saved the day. It has so many features that are useful. When you open the app for the first time, it will first need to locate your exact location through GPS. When it’s done, accurate prayer times are loaded on the app.

The Prayer feature gives you the option of whether you want an alarm when it is time for prayer. I love that it I have the choice between silent mode, vibrate mode and an adhan recording. When you want to find a Halal shop or a mosque, use the Places feature and it will give you the nearest places you can go to.

When the sun is out and you are in an unfamiliar place, the Qibla feature does the job. Another useful feature is the Hjrah Calendar where Muslim holidays are highlighted. The Quran is also found in the app. Though personally, I prefer another app for Quran reading. Under the References feature are the 99 Names of Allah and the Hisnul Muslim, a compilation of Duas.

So I say, Muslim Pro can only be the only Muslim app installed in your smartphone and you’ll do fine. Five stars!


In less than two months, the Holy Month of Ramadhan will be upon us. Planning to read the Quran? Reading Quran is an endeavor that everyone must strive to do whether it’s Ramadhan or not. But not all of us can read with Tajweed. When I found iQuran Lite, it has helped me a lot.

The app has a clean design with beautiful calligraphy. Reading is a breeze. It has a bookmarking feature that also lets you take down notes on verses. It has an English translation for those who wishes to not only read but understand as well. Althouth the Tajweed rules aren’t as readily available they are on the Pro version, the Lite version has a part where you can listen to how idgham, qalqala, iqlab, ikhfa’a and ghunna are read as well as the symbols on where to stop and not stop in reading the quran.

Moreover, there is a section for Quranic supplications for faith, submission, praise, family, etc. The search button is useful as well. You can search the entire Quran for a word and find how many times they appear and on which surahs. The surahs in audio format can also be downloaded and played using the app.

So yes sisters, this too deserves five stars and a place in your phone.



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