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“And your lord said: “invoke me and ask me for anything and I will respond to your invocation” (Surah Ghaafir 40:60)

Allah encourages us to make dua and supplication for anything and everything. When I say everything I mean literally everything; before leaving the house, when starting a new job and even when entering the toilet. Yes, of course we can go about our day to day routine without making dua however as a believer I choose to turn to Allah for his blessings as part of my Ibadah (worship).

There are several dua’s for day to day actions; in order to make it easier for me to memorise and supplicate these dua’s I created my very own book of dua’s that I would like to introduce you to and inshallah you might like to give it a try.

But first…

Reasons to create a dua book

There are a number of reasons to create your own dual book which I briefly mentioned above

  • Although you can readily purchase books with daily supplications creating your own book means it is personal to you containing duas that apply to your day to day life.
  • You can easily locate your duas in place to use daily
  • If your anything like me then writing things down will help you remember and memorise the duas easier
  • You can organise your book in a way that suits you for example I created a category system to help me locate duas quickly.
  • Your dua book can encourage others to make dua too for example when I leave my book laying around my family members like to read through it in other words it can serve as a reminder not just for you but those around you

How to create a dua book

You can be as creative as you like using a binder, spiral notebook or a project book.

I chose to use a retro style ring binder which is small enough to fit my handbag so I can carry it around with me. I preferred the ring binder option as it allows me to add pages if needed.

I chose to use a category system and divided the binder into the following five categories forgiveness, protection, blessings, travel and home. Other category examples are: Family, mosque, Ramadan. I created tabs for each section.

Using a personal dua book is helping me to create a habit of remembering Allah not just during prayer time but all the time. I really hope this has inspired you in some way and may Allah SWT help us to better ourselves and strive to become better Muslims.



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  1. Asliah Bint Malik says:

    salaaaam…. Ma sha Allah, I was really thinking about this, but I am not creative enough…. hehe can you share us how did you make your own dua book? like what binder did you use, papers, pencils, markers and everything. sorry for being demanding… :* may Allah reward you.

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