#HijabiProblems: Most Relatable Tweets

We, hijabis, may have different perspectives about our choices in life and so on. But, believe me, at some point during our hijabi lifestyle, we all have similar moments we can laugh and wonder about. For this post, we listed 10 of some of the most relatable tweets we found on Twitter.

1. My precious

2. Oh yes… Don’t forget to wear sunblock (x10 thickness)

3. Always bring extra scarf around the house. -_-

4. Wind. Why u no respect modesty???!!

5. Not unless we improvise waterproof hijabs that aren’t hot…

6. Guess what? It will only make your life a lot more difficult. Keep those hijabs!

7. I just hate tshirts.

8. What are you looking at?

9. There’s more to first layers you see.

10. Sarcasm at its best. And yes, we get stupid questions like these often.

I freaking laughed during the posting/writing of this entry. Did you? I can relate to almost every number above. Ah! There is life in hijab. 😀

Which number can you relate the most? Drop us a comment.


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