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Pinay Hijabi Shout-outs at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

Rabia Z, Haute Couture, Noor Tagouri, Hijarbie, DinaTokio, Bubble Gum Hijab, Romy Ahmed, Zura Ahmad and IFDC ambassadors give their messages of inspiration for Pinay Hijabis at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week! IMFW was presented by Modanisa. Plus, Islamic Fashion Design Council’s COVER ...



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MISIFF 2015 Unites Muslimah Fashion Labels from Malaysia, Indonesia and ...

KUALA LUMPUR – The recent Moslema in Style Fashion Forward 2015 (MISIFF 2015), a dazzling fashion show event that took place at Tun Razak Hall 4, PWTC made its mark in the fashion history for being the platform that showcased ...



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H&M Ad Campaign Features Hijabi Model

H&M just made a bold move by featuring a hijabi model as part of its latest ad campaign. The “Close the Loop” campaign features Mariah Idrissi alongside a Sheikh, plump model, amputee model, transgender model and a group of Sikh ...




Hair Care for Hijabis

Hair care is not just for people who don’t cover up. Hijabis also must be aware of how to take care of their hair, more than anybody else. Contrary to the belief that hijabis don’t have hair, we actually also ...



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Filipina Muslimah Bloggers You Should Be Following

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu! With the emergence of millions of blogs worldwide, it is impossible not to come across blogs of Filipina Muslimahs. In light of this, we’ve listed a few of these blogs in alphabetical order. Abbey is married ...



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Photos: That Beautiful Filipina Kawaii Hijabi

When she added me on Facebook, I couldn’t help but admire her style and beauty. Jamaila Salic Micawayan surely knows how to dress. With that pretty face, she looks just like a Barbie in hijab. Ate Jamailah is a thirty-plus-something mom ...



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Trend: Lolita Hijab Fashion

Kawaii and hijab finally met. Just recently, photos of young hijabis incorporating lolita fashion with hijab has been circulating and gaining popularity in social networking site, Twitter. Some netizens were actually amazed at how lolita can be hijabified. Lolita fashion (ロリータ・ファッション Rorīta ...



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Uniqlo Teams With Muslim Fashion Designer and Blogger, Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima, one of the pioneering hijabi designers, teams up with Uniqlo in its latest collection called Hana Tajima Lifewear Collection. According to Uniqlo website, the exclusive Lifewear collection fuses contemporary design and comfortable fabrics with traditional values, from casual pieces including ...



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Hijab Meets Technology It’s more than just a Fashion

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem  Hijab meets technology it’s more than just a fashion. This is the tagline of VEIL hijab, a revolutionary hijab provider and the company launched the product very recently, proud to claim that they are the first ...



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Ramadan By Mango

With Ramadan less than two weeks away, Muslims are preparing themselves for this holy month. In addition to getting ready for fasting for long hours, embarking on a spiritual journey, Muslims also have a lot of get togethers for iftar, ...