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How I Helped Myself Heal After My Mother’s Death

Learn more about how I helped myself heal after my mother's death.



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My Learnings from WIEF Young Fellows 2016

More than 20 participants from all over the world converged in Singapore for the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Young Fellows 2016 last September 17-25, 2016. The WIEF Young Fellows is an initiative of WIEF Young Leaders Network (WYN) that ...



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5 Fasting Benefits to the Human Body

Ramadhan is approaching. Most of us will be starting to get ready for the holy month when food and drinks will be haram for us to take during the day. However, did you know that it is better for our body if ...



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Motherhood: The Best Job in the World

When I gave birth to my little angel and held his adorable tiny body in my arms for the very first time, I wished…I deeply wished that someone would have told me how incredibly inconceivably rewarding the journey of motherhood is. ...



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Dealing with Bipolar Disorder

After years of telling myself to shut up because i’m too afraid of being judged and of what people might say, I am learning to get my voice back. I want to tell you my story, what it’s like to ...




DIY dua book

“And your lord said: “invoke me and ask me for anything and I will respond to your invocation” (Surah Ghaafir 40:60) Allah encourages us to make dua and supplication for anything and everything. When I say everything I mean literally ...



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10 Beautiful Islamic Calligraphy Wall Decor

We love decorating our homes with picture frames and whatnots. However, as Muslims, we most likely want to minimize, if not totally remove, all the decors that has human and animal figures in them. For this post, we have compiled ...



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The Hijabi Ramadhan Starter Pack

Bismillah! June 18, 2016 is the official start of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the most important month in our calendar–one day to go as I am writing this. The anticipation builds up. The excitement almost tips us over. We ...



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The Fasting Challenge

Last 2013, one of my college best friends, Sol, who is a Christian joined me for fasting for one day during Ramadhan. At first, I was skeptical about her joining me. As she would say, it was one of the items in ...



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Cooking 101: A Blast of Color Salad

Today’s recipe is for health-conscious and color-loving hijabis and ladies out there. Surely this Radicchio, Peach and Cherry Summer Salad will make your day colorful and full of glee. I am not sure though if the ingredients are available within ...