The Impact of the Quran on Our Lives

The Holy Quran is the best Book that exists in this world. It is not just a simple book; in fact, it is a complete code of life for everyone who follows it. It is written by the best of the writers, the creator of the Universe Himself, Allah the Almighty. He has taken responsibility for the maintenance of His book that is the ultimate source of guidance for all for us until the Day of Judgment.

As a Muslim, you must believe the fact that Quran is the most reliable source of knowledge for us and it comes with the solutions for each and every problem. Quran has a lot of impact on our daily life:


It makes your house, home!

Quran is that one thing which will make your house a home. Without the Quran, you cannot find the true happiness, and it is the best way to attain the peace of heart and mind.

Quran: Teaches Muslim parents to create homes that are safe and nurturing— emotionally, physically, and spiritually— for Muslim children. (2: 233)


Parents are a gift of God

Parents are precious for everyone and Quran teaches us to treat them with care and affection. This is how you will get great rewards from the Almighty and even better benefits in the life hereafter.

Quran: Teaches us to treat our parents well. (6: 151)


The Difference between halal and haram

Quran teaches us the major difference between the halal and the haram. Quran is the best encouragement for you to earn halal and stay close to Allah. In this way, you will get barakah in your life and your wealth which is something very incredible and beneficial for us.

Quran: Encourages us in halal work. (18: 110)


How to Judge people outside

Islam discourages us to judge people on the basis of their color, caste, and creed. It discourages racism on a very strong level, and it teaches us how to look at people and what to look for people. Allah only judges us on the basis of our actions and how we worship Him, every human being is equal in Allah’s sight, and it does not matter if he is short, tall, white or black, what caste he belongs to. This is a great thing, and it develops our character in a very positive way.

Quran: Discourages racism, showing us how Allah judges us according to our righteousness alone. (7: 168)


Help those who can’t help you back

Quran is the best religion and brings along the right of everyone so that no one feels less or inferior. In the Quran, it is clearly said to help the ones who are poor and needy, Quran teaches us to stay humble and down to the earth at every step of the way.

Quran: Exhorts us to care for the weak, the poor, those with challenges, the vulnerable, the young, and the aged. (2:3)

This verse clearly states that we should be kind to all these people that are mentioned, and we must treat them with politeness and mercy.

These are the simple things that Quran teach us, and if you take a closer look, so all these simple things are really powerful.


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