Wearing Hijab | Poem

Wearing hijab doesn’t make me oppress,
and it doesn’t mean I value less.
It teaches purity and chastity,
a commandant from my Lord to protect my dignity.

Wearing hijab doesn’t stop me from having fun,
as long as it’s not involving haram.
It gives me much respect to myself,
and others respect me as a person as well.

Wearing hijab means having freedom,
It is my choice, my rights and my protection.
Makes me feel spiritually closer to the Creator,
So people recognize me as a muslimah.

Wearing hijab teaches women like they are queens ,
Her beauty is only for her husband to see.
For people to honor her in higher degree,
And don’t treat her like she’s cheap.

Wearing hijab is like covering and protecting a beautiful jewel ,
Like inside a shell – deep in the ocean -is a pearl.
Especially diamonds deep inside in the ground,
And the gold that is deep in the mine, covered with layers of rock so it takes longer to be found.

3 thoughts on “Wearing Hijab | Poem

  1. Very beautiful, alhamdulilah..i KNOW Khadijah Annalise wrote this. Well done ukhti. Couldn’t have said it better.

  2. Very proud to you Ann
    Sometime i remember when u ask me about islam n i answer your question. Discuss about islam untill you be a muslimah very well. Aku bangga sama kamu.

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