Which Fan Club You Belong?

Most of the average teenagers, nowadays, encounter a crisis of faith due to them spending more time in things that will destroy their iman.

It is saddening whenever I see a youth claiming themselves an avid fan of any of the kuffar celebrities who are popular singer, dancer, performer or actor. They even know every single information about them, family background, hobbies and interests, and love life. Some even take them as role models, and imitate their lifestyle and looks. It saddens me that these Muslim youth exert a lot of effort in showing their love to these celebrities they adore, but has no time and intention to exert an effort to know our prophet Muhammad (saw) who is more deserving to be loved by us.

Many of our Muslim youth nowadays do not even know the life of our Prophet (saw), where did his birth took place, when was he born, who were his parents etc. He is the one who died worrying about us, the ummah, as he knows most of us in this generation will be misguided. He is the one whom when you follow, Allah (swt) will grant you paradise as a reward.

But, instead of him, who do our youth admire?

It is the celebrities who they find cool and amazing, who are tools of misguidance, and who makes them blind from the real purpose of life. In some cases, they call themselves Beliebers, Directioners, Swifties, Lovatics, Selenators, Little Monsters ( These are what  some fans call themselves. ) while they hide their Muslim identity. They admire them while they neglect the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Too much admiration of these people makes them sacrifice their Islam, and ashamed of their identity.

If they just know the contentment, the happiness, the feeling of comfort when they turn their lives towards Allah (swt) they will never look at other people as their life’s role model. They will not need these people to learn how to live, because the real teachings were taught to us by the noblest man (SAW), who should be our role model in life.



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