Celebrate Mothers’ Day Everyday

This weekend, my Facebook was filled with lovely messages of gratitude, asking for forgiveness and the like of daughters and sons to their mothers. It is indeed a beautiful scene to look at when children remember the goodness of their parent. However, to be remembered for the pain our mother experienced during labor, to be treated special by our dearests, to be pronounced as greatest mother of all time in just one day for the whole year is underestimating the greatness of these individuals.

Islam has taught us that after Allah (SWT) and his Messenger (SAW), the most beloved and respected person to a Muslim should be his mother! Allah has given the mother such status that He says, “Paradise lies under the feet of mothers.”

A person came to Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and asked, “Who among people is most deserving of my fine treatment?” He (PBUH) said, “Your mother”. He again asked, ”Who next?” “Your mother”, the Prophet (PBUH) replied again. He asked, “Who next?” He (the Prophet (PBUH)) said again, “Your mother.” He again asked, “Then who?” Thereupon he (PBUH) said,” Then your father.” (Al-Bukhari)

How do we celebrate this great human being every day? Here are some things I recommend we all do daily:

1. Include her (and your father) in your five daily prayers during the time you are closest to the Almighty, the final sujood of your prayer. To ask Allah to forgive our parents so that they may enter jannah is the greatest gift we can ever give to them. If you do not know what to say, then save the photo below:

2. Listen to what they say. Do not even say “urgh/uff” to them.

And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word. {Qur’an 17:23 Sahih International}

3. Spend time with her and always help your mother with daily chores. She may not say it, but she needs your help. She is getting weaker and tired. The time you spend with her is a cherished moment and will forever be in her heart even when it is just washing the dishes.

4. Always smile at her. You may not know it, but it keeps her strong when she sees that her child is happy. Give her gifts. It doesn’t need to be expensive. A simple letter or fresh flower (even when you pick it from her garden) will lighten her day.

5. Always remind her how thankful you are that she is your mother. Gratitude of the children only shows that the mother has done the right things in bringing them up. Make sure she knows that her decisions are right and she deserves an applaud.

They may nag at us, scold us and buy things that we don’t like. But they do this for our sake. They do this because they love us unconditionally.

So, remember to always make them feel how special they are. If we can do it for our friends, then our mothers deserve our love and care even more.



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