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Sitti Shahara: A Revert Story

Sitti Shahara is a revert who embraced Islam through the proclamation of my faith to Allah SWT, on March 14, 2015. Prior to the decision of reverting to Islam, she personally took actions to understand or have a glimpse on what ...



Islam 101Personal DevelopmentRamadan

5 Fasting Benefits to the Human Body

Ramadhan is approaching. Most of us will be starting to get ready for the holy month when food and drinks will be haram for us to take during the day. However, did you know that it is better for our body if ...



Hijab Fashion

Pinay Hijabi Shout-outs at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

Rabia Z, Haute Couture, Noor Tagouri, Hijarbie, DinaTokio, Bubble Gum Hijab, Romy Ahmed, Zura Ahmad and IFDC ambassadors give their messages of inspiration for Pinay Hijabis at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week! IMFW was presented by Modanisa. Plus, Islamic Fashion Design Council’s COVER ...