Simple and Chic Everyday Hijab Tutorials



If you are tired of your usual everyday hijab style, then these tutorials that I have collected from Pinterest are for you that I picked out from a myriad of choices. These are easy to do, simple for everyday wear, and chic enough to give personality to your #ootd.



A wide rectangular hijab made of thin and soft fabric is preferable for this style because of the beautiful draping. A headband, necklace, or any decorative strip is used as an accent. For it to stand out, the hijab should be in solid color or it won’t be noticeable.


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The beauty of this style is in the volume of its multiple folds. When a hijab in light material and pastel color is used, this comes off as very feminine, perfect for the girly girl.


92ad796521c316b82353da3b098f9ff3Want to incorporate a beautiful brooch into your hijab? This style lets you do it plus it gives you the “hooded” look that is pretty much on trend these days among hijabis.


34de5d76201d2ac529046e1ac8776089This look is suitable for those busy days when you cannot be bothered by the layers and drapes of other hijab styles. Just put it on, and forget about it.

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