Hijab Meets Technology It’s more than just a Fashion

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem 

Hijab meets technology it’s more than just a fashion.


This is the tagline of VEIL hijab, a revolutionary hijab provider and the company launched the product very recently, proud to claim that they are the first climate-adapting hijab ever in the market.

 It showcases the following features:


Water repelling technology causes water to bead up upon impact with fabric.

The exterior of the scarf is composed of a durable water repellent that simply keeps your hijab dry at all times when it rains. This technology causes water to bead up upon impact, preventing it from making its way through the fabric. It’s a rainy day’s worst nightmare.

It comes as well with oil/grease and stain repellent management technology, how convenient is that!




This cooling technology literally reflects sunlight off the surface of the fabric. It provides effective protection from heating up caused by contact with sunlight. Ordinary dark colored fabrics absorb up to 90% of heat rays and warm up consequently. Our technology, on the other hand, reflects up to 80% of heat rays and keeps the fabrics up to 7-10 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler. As a result, your hijab remains substantially cooler, delivering extra comfort.


 Laser Cut

laser cut
Using lasers to cut our fabric results in sharp and sealed edges.


Instead of the usual ‘cut & sew’ method, company decided to team up with a brilliant laser cutting company. Lasers seal the edges of the fabric giving our fabric a sharp, clean, and accurate cut every single time. This keeps comfort at an optimal level and keeps chafing virtually non-existent compared to ordinary hemmed hijabs.


The brand’s founder, 22-year-old Ahmad Ghanem recognized the value of hijab to Muslim women hence he said more than athletes who wear special suits, Muslimah deserves this innovations as we wear it all year round regardless of how humid and warm the climate is. Further he said;

“I really want to inspire and push more women who wear the headscarf to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals. It’s something a lot of people believe is oppressive, but many of them truly love what they wear. I want Veil to be an extra sense of comfort and positivity for them, not just another business. We are committed to building a culture of world-changing, innovating, and limitless creations that will change the way we see the hijab.”


Maa Shaa Allah a noticeable sensitivity and respect for Muslim women striving to keep modesty in this current and liberated world. Presently VEIL is accepting pre-ordered purchases kck.st/1PxfBn3 and by August 2015, In Shaa Allah, they expect it to be out in the market. Let us know if anybody  got and tried one already, perhaps we can post a review then.

Versatility. These can be used as typical wrap-around scarves, not just headscarves.

Being a sports enthusiasts and and physically active person as well as living in a tropical country where humidity makes it a challenge for a Muslimah like me, then such innovations can probably ease one of the inconveniences, Alhamduhlillah! But of course we should never forget that whatever difficulty we may experience on being a Hijabi, we must bear in mind the very reason of it. All for Allah SWT the one who created us and commanded us to maintain modesty and I am just delighted to share for the benefit of all Muslim women out there.

Allah is the One who knows what’s good or bad for His creation in this life and the hereafter. We believe He is the wisest and behind all of his command, there is much great wisdom. The human mind may reach some of this wisdom and at times may not reach it. Regardless of whether or not a Muslim reaches this wisdom, we must follow and obey.This is the true meaning of Ibadah, the total submission to Allah’s SWT commands in all aspects of our lives, great or small or minor and major.


Source: http://www.veilhijab.com/




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