HER’s LAHA Trunk Show: A Fashion for a Cause 

Last June, HERs LAHA organized a charity trunk show at AL Nor Hotel and Convention in Cotabato City. It was the first international charity show of the brand. Hijabimag.com was one of the media partners of the event and on behalf of the team, I was there to witness and participate in the activity. Before going through the details of the event, let me enlighten you first of what is a trunk show and give you a short background about HERs LAHA.
If you are unfamiliar of the term, a trunk show is an event wherein a seller or merchandiser, usually a boutique owner or a designer, showcases his/her designs and dresses to a particular group or prospect buyers in an exclusive event before it will be available to the public.

Moreover, HERs LAHA is a local brand known for designing swanky customized abayas and dresses. They offer pieces that have been individually handpicked and are inspired by the Middle Eastern and Indian look and Southeast Asia’s culture. Moreover, the brand also offers special personalized service such as makeup, hijab dresser, and henna. They are based in Cotabato City, Philippines. (Know more about HERs LAHA here)
HERs LAHA was derived from the words HERs – an English word which means belonging to a certain woman, and LAHA – an arabic word for her. Basically, the brand caters women especially the hijabi in the Philippines and worldwide.
Going back, the show started with a recitation of a verse in the holy Qur-an and followed by a performance from the orphan children of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation orphanage in Cotabato City. The organization was the chosen beneficiary of the show. The children rendered a heartwarming song about losing their parents and living as an orphan.


The highlight of the event was the runway show wherein the brand featured stylish abayas. Catwalked by local hijabis, the abayas were perfect for Muslim women who embrace herself and religion and at the same time loves being chic and fashionable.


Twenty two abayas were showcased during the event. Each abaya was finely hand-sewn and embellished with designs native to the Southeast Asian culture. Moreover, the show also featured the lengha, a traditional Indian dress.


At the end of the show I got the chance to talk with Ms. Azizah Talusan, a Global Ambassador of International Young Leaders Assembly and co-owner of the HERs LAHA brand. She said that the event aims to empower women especially the Bangsamoro women. Moreover, she advised them to know themselves and not be afraid to start from small.

Ms. Azizah Talusan

Despite some unavoidable technical problems, I must say that the event was a success for two reasons. First, the show managed to meet its objective of inspiring Muslim women. It served its purpose of creating an idea that embracing Islam especially for women does not mean forgetting your passion. It emphasized that fashion has a place in our religion. Second, the event has a noble cause. Seeing the smiles from the children-beneficiaries was priceless. And accordingly, 10 percent of the sales from the collection will be donated to the chosen orphanage. It will be used to purchase their basic necessities such as toiletries, bags, and school supplies.

To HERs LAHA and the team behind the event, congratulations and continue your struggle the serve the Bangsamoro people and the Muslims around the world.


The funders of the IHH Organization
The children of the IHH orphanage
The children of the IHH orphanage with the organizers of the trunk show


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