Tbh, I’m not fond of buying things online except well for books. And seeing a lot of hijabi going cray about what Classic Crown Hijab Store are selling, why not give it a try! And I’ve been eyeing for their scarves for a while now since I really love pastel colors.

Classic Crown Hijab Store is ran by 2 muslimah reverts, Jamila and Marjan. They are the official Kaffah re-seller which is owned by the fashion blogger, Siti Juwariyah. As they say, it’s not just a store but a community. True that! Not only for the reason they donate a portion of their income to Muslim charities, but also they unite the muslimahs and they share knowledge especially to reverts.

I was only 20 minutes late when they posted their stocks and their scarves were immediately sold out. Yes it was that fast! My heart broke for a sec. But one of the owners, Jam, said there’s 2 inner’s left so I immediately grabbed them.




It  was 2 days after I settled my payment when the package arrived. I immediately tried them on! The fabric is spandex which is great, it sticks and it holds your hair properly so it won’t show. I also checked the way it’s been sewed, it’s properly stitched and you can see no extra thread hanging around. The inners are quite pricey (which costs Php 330) compared to the ones I bought in local markets, but I promise it’s all quality. Also, I don’t mind for as I’ve said earlier they donate a portion of their income to Muslim charities. Though I just wish the back part of the inner is closed or has buttons/zipper so that I can wear turbans without exposing a flesh. Nevertheless, I love these inner hijabs and I tell you it’s totally worth it! I can’t wait for them to release their new stocks of scarves for I can’t wait to get my hands on ‘em!
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