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What are we living for?

You only live once, they say. Do everything you want right here and right now. Be wasted. Live life to the fullest. Don’t think about the consequence.


As we are busy living our lives, chasing our dreams and making ends meet, we come across a point where we question our purpose in life. There is not a single person that does not question why he or she is put on this crazy world with a desire to chase the high.


As humans, we will always get caught up with the world. We are after all made with desires that are worldly. However, we are also made with conscience. No matter how evil we perceive one person is, he will always have a soft spot somewhere within him.


Most of us wake up from our high when something happens such as death. It is ironic how witnessing a death makes us think about how we are living our lives.


It is probably the reason why Allah SWT has decreed upon us to go and sympathize on the death of a fellow Muslim. After all, it is his Islamic right upon everyone of us. Because more than it is for the dead’s sake, it is a moment of awakening to the living.


The moment we ask the question: “What are we living for?” That’s the time that we fully understand life.

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