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Things You Can Do To Help Marawi Evacuees in Mindanao this Ramadhan

The clash between the Government of the Philippines and Maute group that started 23rd of May in Marawi City have resulted in the massive evacuation of the people of Marawi City to the nearby cities of Iligan and Cotabato and other municipalities within Lanao del Sur.

With the rising number of Marawi Evacuees in nearby municipalities, cities and provinces as the fight intensifies, there is a dire need of donations to feed, clothe and shelter the internally displaced people. Make this Ramadhan your most generous one by giving a helping hand – one way or another!

Here is how you can help:



The people of Marawi need our prayers and duas now more than ever. In our sujood, may we not forget our brothers and sisters in this trying time. Indeed, there is nothing that can change the state of the people other than Allah SWT.



Evacuation centers around Marawi City, Iligan City, and Cotabato City are in dire need of people to help with the registration of evacuees, packing and distribution of donations, etc.

Volunteers who can help address the trauma of IDPs, especially kids, elders and disabled people.


Donate and/or Fundraise

There are donation centers and drop-offs around the country. When you donate in kind, donate halal food, prayer mats, sleeping mats, blankets, pillows, mosquito nets, insecticides, toiletries and modest clothes. If you feel that you are not capable of donating due to financial constraints, you can always start a fundraising event that can be of great benefit to the evacuees.

Here is a Facebook note by Boggs Talpis Tanggol that consolidates the lists of evacuation centers, donation drop-offs and other information about the Marawi Crisis:


Conduct a feeding program during Iftars and Suhoors

Most of the Marawi evacuees are Muslims. And they will most likely be fasting this Ramadhan like the rest of the world. Extend your dining room to the evacuation centers by providing food during iftars (breaking of fast) and suhoors (meal before dawn prayer).

Evacuees trying to get out of Marawi City | Photo by: Muhammad Ryan Caparos

Learn about the crisis and enlighten others

We need to understand more about the crisis to be able to find the solution to the long-standing problem in Mindanao. When we find ourselves the understanding of the crisis, let us enlighten others so that the Marawi evacuees will not be stereotyped.


Enable young people

The youth is very vulnerable. This is why we should empower and enable them in creating a better world. The young people are not the future of this world, they are the both the present and the future. There is so much energy in this generation and they must be used for the better – not for terrorism.


Indeed, there is always a way to help if we choose to. We pray that the clash will soon subside and end so that our siblings in Marawi can rise again!


Photos by: Muhammad Ryan Caparos

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