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7 LaunchGood Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Supporting

In the recent years, funding projects and campaigns turned digital with the help of the world wide web and online mobile applications. Now, anybody from across the globe can start a crowdfunding campaign or support a certain advocacy that they believe in with a click of a finger.

LaunchGood is a crowdfunding site that helps Muslims around the world be able to materialize their projects and campaigns by helping them raise funds.

We listed some of the LaunchGood campaigns, plus some excerpts, that we think you will love to donate to. Of course, you may check LaunchGood to look for other campaigns yourself.


>A-Z Islamic Sign Language – World Exclusive

You can put a stop to our language barrier with the Deaf Muslim community globally. Be part of the A-Z Islamic Sign Language, the world’s first illustrative Book series and App focusing on key words in Islamic Sign Language!

There are about 11 million people in the UK alone who are deaf or hard of hearing – that’s one in six of the population. Did you know that 9 in every 10 deaf children are born to hearing parents, but only 1 in 10 of those parents will learn sign language to be able to communicate fully with their son or daughter.

 Coupled with cultural taboo, this has led to communication breakdown in homes, causing the Deaf Muslim community to grow up feeling isolated and neglected, with many suffering from depression and anxiety.

One of the key problems with existing Islamic story books is that they are often too text heavy and many struggles to understand basic words let alone make sense of Islamic phrases and sentences. We aim to distribute our deaf friendly resources globally and creatively produce them with guidance from industry leading experts.”


>Braille Press in Pakistan

Be the light in every blind person’s life in Pakistan. Support this braille press crowdfunding campaign, which has already commenced and aims to print braille textbooks to be distributed in the country.

In Pakistan, there are approximately 80 to 90 special schools which are providing education to the blind children but unfortunately, majority of these schools have no textbooks in Braille and these students usually have to take external help to study after listening to their course books from teachers or parents.”


>Ramadan Food Packs for Syria

Extend your iftar and suhoor table this Ramadhan by supporting SKT Welfare. With 32% of world’s refugees coming from Syria, your donation will mean a lot. Muhammad Tajuddin, the campaign person of this project will be heading to Reyhanli, a small Turkish town near the border with Syria, to take part in the distribution of Food and Aid to the Syrian Refugees on May 15th.


>Help This Young Author to Publish her 1st Islamic Novel on Prophet Yusuf

Be an kind soul to this young author’s dream to publish her first Islamic novel about Prophet Yusuf. Manal Faris is a thirteen year old living in the UK. She wrote a novel about Prophet Joseph, entitled, “The Boy in the Well.”


>I Am Rohingya: A Documentary

Be part of the documentary that will send a powerful message about the Rohingya people to world. The film will be documenting the lives of Rohingya refugee youth (ages 8-22) in Ontario through theatre.

From the refugee camps to the stage!

Violence. Murder. Crisis. Stateless. Refugee. Genocide. The most oppressed people on Earth. This is what you will find when you Google search ‘Rohingya’. Go ahead, try it for yourself.”


>Iraq Crisis Appeal

With the war that was raged in Mosul, Iraq in the past few months, 270,000 people have fled out of their hometowns out of fear of assassination, execution, bombs and starvation alike. However, approximately 80% of the Mosul’s population is still within their homes and stuck within Iraq’s second largest city.

The main problem that is faced by these people is the severe lack of clean food and water. Help ten million people, with half of them children, by donating any amount to this appeal by the Human Appeal UK, an organization that has been in the front line in Mosul Iraq and is one of the very few international organizations with an office inside the city.


>Aneesa Jabeen Bone Marrow Transplant

Help Aneesa Jabeen, a fourteen year old girl from Pakistan for her much needed bone marrow transplant which will be around $75,000. Her sibling’s bone marrow does not match hers; so they will need to scout from another person. She is a very positive girl with so much hope about life and the future. She attached her medical records in the LaunchGood page for the perusal of possible donors.

I want to live but my hopes are dying…

I want to live but my hopes are dying with every day that passes. I can’t afford to cry because I fear that if I do then my underprivileged and helpless father might not be able to bear the pain and that my mother’s heart will sink.

Both of my parents can hardly sleep at and night and wake up every day hoping that they will be able to buy LIFE for me.” – Aneesa


>Ramadhan Challenge

And finally, since Ramadhan is approaching, #daretolaunchgood this holy month by signing for the Ramadhan Challenge.

By joining, you will be receiving a daily e-mail of a campaign chosen by Launchgood team. You may choose to support the project by donating any amounts you please – as little as $1.

You can also opt to automate your sadaqah by signing up to give automatically to the crowdfunding campaign chosen by the team. Choose the amount that you want to give daily and a donation receipt will be sent to you, together with the campaign that you supported.

Amazing right? Reap all rewards this Ramadhan by joining the bandwagon of donors. You can be part of something greater through crowdfunding amazing campaigns!

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