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Experiencing Omaha and Nebraska

When someone mentions the United States of America, Omaha surely is not the city that one immediately thinks of. In fact, when I was chosen to go to the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I didn’t know what to expect. I had to educate myself about the city and the state it belongs to.


When I stepped foot in Omaha, I was hopeful of the great things that await me. And truth be told, I got what I hoped for.


Affordable standard of living albeit being wealthy city and state

Omaha and Nebraska are very rich places in the US. There are a lot of multinational companies that are operating in Omaha and Nebraska. Agriculture remain to be the first industry of the State. But the state remains to have a considerably affordable standard of living. You can grab good food for less than $10. Bottled water is just around a dollar. Sales tax varies from 5.5% to 7%. And discounts are offered everywhere.


Vast opportunities to volunteer and be civically-engaged

There is no reason to not be a civic leader in Omaha. There are a lot of opportunities that one can reap in order to volunteer and be a helping hand in the success of the community. We have visited a couple of homeless shelters in Omaha and they have magnificent stories and volunteers.


Friendly and accommodating people

The people are what makes Omaha and Nebraska great. Everyone was accommodating, polite and lively. Altho I and some YSEALI participants experienced some sort of hate crime (which I will be talking about in my next article), it was miniscule compared to how hospitable the greater Nebraska is. In fact, everyone made sure that we are safe and accommodated better after the incident. Thanks to the people of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha City and the State of Nebraska for such kind gestures.


University of Nebraska at Omaha is Omaha

UNO believes that they play a vital role in the city, of which they truly are. You will not be able to experience Omaha if you were not able to experience the UNO Mavericks spirit.


Warren Buffet’s House

Yep, you will see Warren Buffet’s house in Omaha. It is just a simple and cozy house. Everyone was astonished to see the simplicity of his house.


The ultimate soul food at Big Momma’s

Big Momma’s is probably my most favorite food in Omaha, next to the Asian food we cook in our hotel. Hahah. The food has the kind of taste that I enjoyed the most. So, if you happen to go to Omaha, be sure to check out Big Momma’s!


Sonesta ES Suites comfortable American villas

The hotel we stayed at is Sonesta ES Suites. And it was indeed comfortable and convenient. The suites are perfect for a family getaway or just a staycation with your loved ones. Each room has a fully-furnished kitchen (which is very important) and all amenities a family needs. Moreover, the suites are in an American house type of design. The staff in the hotel are also always so helpful, polite and friendly.


Just in front of the hotel are a variety of restaurants. On the next block is a group of groceries such as Target, Asian Market, Best Buy, etc. The location is very convenient since it is located in 72nd / Dodge Street, which is the primary street in the city. Also, UNO is just a few minutes walk away.


Henry Doorly Zoo

The best zoo in the USA is situated in Omaha. The Henry Doorly Zoo was my first ever visit to a zoo since I don’t really approve of zoos. I want animals to freely live their lives. And the few yards of zoo area is not a very convenient place for them. But Henry Doorly Zoo seems okay for the animals. The facilities were great. The experience was amazing!


There are a lot more to experience in Omaha. Be sure to act like a local, meet people and eat all food!

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